Our guests

Добрынин Николай

Всех вам благ! Спасибо за все! Удачи и процветания!!!

Максим Аверин

М. Жигалов, Р. Рязанова

Здоровья хорошего!!! Удачи во Всем!

А. Журавлёв

Девчонки! Счастья!

Алексей Гоман

Спасибо за заботу, с Вами хорошо!

Катя Лель

Процветания и счастья!

Igor Mamenko


Dear "Atlantis"! You well, look forward to seeing you in October!

Marina Devyatova

All the staff thank you for the warm welcome. Good luck and good light days. Your Marina Devyatova!


Процветания!!! Спасибо за уют! группа "Княzz"

Лариса Рубальская

Всему народу "Атлантиды" радости и удачи! С благодарностью Лариса Рубальская

Oleg Mityaev



Thank you for the warmth and comfort! I wish all the staff of health and happiness! Faith, Hope and Love!

Didulja and friends!

With joy

Vladimir Kuzmin

I wish you all happiness


Thank hotel "Atlantis" for the reception!

Anastasia Volochkova

Dear friends! I sincerely thank you for your hospitality, kindness and attention! You extraordinary service! God bless you!


Thank you, everything was fine and safe! Good luck to you!


Good mood!


Eternal Spring!


Thanks for heat!

Vasili Lanovoi

s! It was very good and warm! Remarkable hotel! Good luck!


Удивительному острову отдохновения - гостинице "Атлантида". С благодарностью и пожеланиями долголетия и процветания!

Valery Leontiev

Julia Rutberg

Diana Arbenina

Good Hotel!


Рады были посетить Вашу гостиницу!

Vladimir Presnyakov

With love with big to you!

Via "Leisya Pesnya"

Atlantida - the best!!!

Rustam Solntsev

Atlantis! Hurrah! All of good luck.

I. Ugolnikov

Good luck to this fine hotel! And health to all its visitors To me at you it is good!

Ю. Рутберг

Thanks big for a cosiness! For actors it is very important!

New Russian grandmas

Good luck!


Wonderful rest at you! Well very much!

J.J. Daniel

Cozy, warmly, it is tasty, friendly! Thanks you! Good luck!

Yury Kuklachev

Cozy and warmly!

Edita Pyekha

Thanks for hospitality!!! Remarkable hotel!!! Good visitors! With hope of a new meeting

Igor Nikolays

Successes and prosperity!!!


With love and gratitude!

Phillip Kirkorov

Atlantis - with the big love!

Sergey Glushko

Michael Turetsky

Many thanks in time spent to your cozy and comfortable hotel, for excellent service at your restaurant and a sauna. We hope sometime to return again. With gratitude

Christina Orbakajte

House cosiness and grateful visitors! Thanks for hospitality!

Клара Новикова

Irina Alfyorov

Thanks! All is remarkable! See you again.

Joseph Kobzon

I am glad to tell kind words that, Who has created this remarkable The house also has made all for the comfortable Residing.

Elena Vorobej

Thanks you, expensive, lovely, kind Employees "Atlantis" for a cosiness and hospitality! Prosperity to you and to a meeting!!!

Elena Vaenga

Thanks for reception. Working for people and for the sake of them, it is possible to change not only something in their life to the best, but also in the life too.


To Atlantis – thanks! At you it is wonderful!

Valery Leontev

Thanks for a cosiness! Good luck!

Andrey Sokolov

Thanks for warm reception! Successes and prosperity!


Remarkable hotel! Thanks for hospitality!


With huge Gratitude for Kindliness and Hospitality! Prosperity to Atlantis! With love and gratitude!

Sergey Lazarev

Thanks huge! Cozy, beautifully, comfortably! Good luck.

cc catch

To hotel Atlantida Thank You So much for your hospitality and you warm welcome!!! Love

G. Vetrov

Greet with a smile! Feed it is tasty! Surround with attention and care! Thanks! Good luck in 2012! With the coming!

T. Rodrigues

Many thanks for care and hearty welcome!

Artur Berkut

Thanks you, for that, That you are! The further prosperity! For memory from the Golden eagle! To be to good!

Doctor Vatson

Отличная гостиница. Будем останавливаться здесь и впредь

Natalia Vaeley

To employees of hotel "Atlantis" with gratitude for heat, a cosiness, care and comfort! Meal tasty! Conditions – house! Happiness everything, and to hotel – prosperity! Yours faithfully, Natalia Varlej.


Children, thanks for heat and tasty meal! See you again!


Group "Picnic" thanks hotel "Atlantis" personnel for excellent service, the sensitive relation to visitors. Numbers fine, quality kitchen, visitors feel, as houses

Ebgeni Osin

Thanks for your kind hearts!!!


Thanks from Ivan Damian and All group 7 B. Love and good luck!!!

Aristarh Livanov

I wish you, expensive, well-being, successes. I want to return in the Eagle once again to see fantastic dreams of "Atlantis".

City 312

"Atlantis" from the "City 312". All the light! Good guests and inexhaustible heat!

Anita Tcsoi

Dear friends, the Hotel complex "Atlantis", be happy and favourite! Thanks for a cosiness and heat! Take care and prosper! You – the best!