The vodno-improving complex "Atlantis" - suggests you to plunge into the world of serenity, comfort and a relaxation. Here you will find for yourselves rest for all tastes. The main feature of our complex consists that it opens the doors only for you and your friends. You can retire with darling and as to have a rest the company and anybody from strangers you won't disturb!

Water zone

15 meter pool, with geysers and falls, pool-Spa, with гидро and aeromassage, a sun deck, a sauna working in a mode of a sauna, a cabin with effect of a Turkish bath, a shower cabin with a hydromassage, a font-tub with cold water. Exotic palm trees, wattled furniture, registration of walls and a ceiling create unforgettable effect of presence on a southern sea resort. Soft, the diffused light creates cosiness and equinox atmosphere. The important factor of worthy rest is constantly operating multistage system of water treating.

Rest zone

Many having taken pleasure in water procedures, you with friends can gather round an oak table In трапезной to sing a karaoke, to play on Russian billiards. For visiting of a vodno-improving complex it is not obligatory to live in hotel - it is opened for all comers. Visiting time is preliminary reserved at the manager on a rack рецепции. On stay services in воднооздоровительном a complex you can receive more detailed information by phone (4862) 48-00-15, 48-44-36.